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Updated: Jul 15, 2020

So, on a whim I decided to go on my very first solo trip... and I absolutely loved it!! Over the last week I went to Savannah Georgia, St. Augustine Florida and Ocala National Forest! If you’ve never gone on a trip by yourself I highly recommend you do! There is nothing like choosing your own activities and being able to change your path at the drop of a hat... very liberating!


Savannah Georgia

I love Savannah so much the southern Victorian homes, the beautiful squares scattered through the city, beautiful trees, the art galleries, delicious food and history are just a few of the highlights you will see in this unique city!


St. Augustine Florida

My next stop was the oldest city in America...St. Augustine! This beautiful pirate city is full of history I loved exploring Castillo de San Marcos, walking center city talking in the sunset and when the sun went down there was live music and friendly people everywhere! Had an absolute blast in historical ocean city!


Ocala National Forest

The beautiful natural springs of northern Florida can be found in Ocala National Forest they are always 71 degrees and have beautiful crystal clear water. I went kayaking and hiking at three of them . Silver spring, Alexander springs and blue springs all were unique in their own way. Blue springs was my favorite though because during the winter months it becomes a sanctuary for manatees to stay warm. you can view these lazy water creatures in shallow clear water. They also are not timid so they will swim up to your kayak outside of the boundaries of the sanctuary. It was a truly unique experience I recommend to all outdoor lovers!


To say I enjoyed my first ever solo trip would be an understatement. I loved it!! Now to the drawing board for an international solo trip... where should I go?!? Please comment below with your recommendations or any questions about the locations I've travels to on my latest trip!

Much Love


JTMcreations ❤️

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